Our first mentoring meeting

Last week we went along to meet our mentors for the first time at Whitespace. It was an amazing experience and we are very grateful to have access to people working in the industry to help us progress into professionals ready for the real world, even if it was a little intimidating to walk in an be faced with a wall full of trophies and awards! The office was amazing and definitely inspired us to keep our heads down and work hard so that one day we can work somewhere equally amazing.

We also had to present a short brief we had been working on where we had to design a wayfinding system for the National Museum relating to the incoming lighthouse exhibition – not as boring as it initially sounds! We contemplated using light as a navigational aid the same way actual lighthouses do for boats, an interactive finding system to make it fun for kids as well as adults where there are buttons to press or sounds to follow and finally, the idea we went with, a more exploratory system relating to things you might see at the seaside such as waves, boats and birds. We came up with the idea of following abstract waves painted on the floor, walls, stairs etc on the way to the exhibition – the five colours used representing the five oceans around the world using lighthouses and the abstract style representing the way light and the reflection of the ocean reacts with the glass on the lighthouse.


This week we are meeting with some clients to introduce ourselves along with the other agencies in our class – update to follow.


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